When her “Ocean’s 8” co-stars Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson wanted to buy her drinks, Mindy Kaling had to devise a cover story to hide her pregnancy.

Kaling, who welcomed daughter Katherine in December, reveals she was in the early stages of her pregnancy while filming the all-female heist flick and was “superstitious” about revealing her exciting news too early.

“We went to dinner once when I was two weeks pregnant and I couldn’t tell anybody,” she tells The New York Times. The actress told her co-stars she was on antibiotics that prevented her from imbibing.

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“Paulson and I kept trying to get you to order a cocktail,” Bullock recalls, “and you’re like, ‘I’m on strict antibiotics.’ And we’re like, ‘What kind of antibiotic is that?'”

“Then I said they were antipsychotics,” Kaling says, adding she had to keep the lie going.

“I had to spin a web of lies,” she explains. “I just wish I had been able to actually drink with them.”

Kaling will be able to celebrate with Bullock, Paulson, and the film’s other stars, including Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, when “Ocean’s 8” opens June 8.

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