Uma Thurman Was The Ultimate DIY Master On Set Of ‘The Con Is On’

Uma Thurman got crafty on set of her new flick “The Con Is On”.

The indie con-man flick starring Thurman, Sofia Vergara, and Tim Roth, ran on a tight budget, so Thurman got creative when it came time to change costumes.

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“So I could have privacy in order to change… I took two huge pieces of white Styrofoam board and taped them together and made a screen around a couch, just with enough room to stand in,” she revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “Then I took markers and drew a window like a trailer with a little person peeking out the window [laughs]. I drew a doorway and some flowers on it, too. I wish I had a picture of it. I made myself basically a trailer out of two boxes [that once held] a refrigerator.”

Thurman continued, “Even though some people might think it sounds miserable, it reminds me of the beginning of my career, when you start as a scrapper and nobody gives a damn about you… It was a challenge getting the movie done, like a major cause, even though it’s a light screwball comedy. It was a saga to get it to the screen!” she remembers, savouring the tooth-and-nail fight that made the movie happen. “I think that [humour] is how we stuck together!”

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“The Con Is On” is now playing in select theaters. Watch the full trailer above.

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