Bill Murray Reveals Sex Of Couple’s Baby With A Golf Club

Bill Murray went full “Caddyshack” on a couple’s baby sex reveal party.

The “Groundhog Day” actor did the honours at a Florida couple’s wedding, putting a unique spin on the classic party reveal.

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Murray, 67, took a swing at a golf ball which immediately burst into a puff of blue smoke, as cheers of “It’s a boy!” broke out from onlookers.

“Here it is folks,” Murray told the crowd. “It’s a boy.” He walked over to the expectant parents to congratulate them on the news.

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“Thank you. Thank you so much,” the soon-to-be mom told the actor.  “Do we have to name him Bill now?” expectant dad teased.

The video was first shared by the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

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