Bill Maher Defends Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’, Compares It To ‘The Nutty Professor’

Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” may not have been a critical darling over the past two weeks, but it has picked up support “Real Time”.

Bill Maher defended the movie, which was accused by some of promoting unhealthy messages about body image. But Maher, 62, believes the movie is being unfairly criticized.

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“The professionally offended have decided that even though it’s a movie by women filmmakers, presenting a pro-woman message, it does it the wrong way,” Maher said on the May 4 episode of “Real Time”.

“Schumer remade ‘The Nutty Professor’, where someone not thin, and not cool, magically sees themselves as better looking and gains confidence,” he added. “Except, when Eddie Murphy did it, he didn’t have the Purity Police up his ass.”

Maher challenged reviews from The Hollywood ReporterRolling Stone, and LA Times for accusing the movie of promoting a “questionable message of empowerment,” “fat shaming,” and for not casting “a woman of colour.”

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“Can’t we just sit in a movie theatre, un-clench our assholes for two hours, and laugh at what it is, instead of dissecting it for what it is not?” Maher asked.

“Movie reviews, they’re not even reviews anymore,” he concluded. “They’re just, ‘How come you made the movie you made and not the one I would have made?’”

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