Grant Bowler On Playing Legend Richard Burton

It’s the movie everyone is talking about… Lindsay Lohan’s comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick”;, but she’s not the only one who has to live up to big expectations!

Grant Bowler, who plays the legendary Richard Burton in the biopic, tells ET Canada that it was a challenge to get that voice down pat. “The first and foremost with Burton… the challenge was his voice. You know, it’s an incredibly well known voice,”; reveals Grant. “It truly is one of the most remarkable voices I’ve ever heard.”;

But that’s not all… the young actor says it is difficult playing “another actor, because you’re inevitably going to be compared on a different level than say an actor playing a sportsman or an actor playing a musician.”;

Grant also talks about the fact that Liz and Dick really were behind the obsession with celebrities today. “They were the first paparazzi couple,”; he admits. “The expression paparazzi was built around this couple.”; And Lindsay herself is one of the biggest targets of the paps in Hollywood with her ups and downs in the public eye.

And although there were stories of his famous co-star, Lindsay, keeping people waiting on the set, Grant defends the actress: “I mean Lindsay had 61 wigs, ah sorry, 61 costume changes and… 19 wig changes. You know, how much of that is waiting around for the hairdresser, how much of that is waiting around for wardrobe?”;

But, only time will tell if Lindsay’s role in Liz & Dick, that is putting her back in the spotlight, will be worth the wait.

Watch our full interview with Grant on tonight’s show!



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