Howard Stern Rants About His Edited Rock Hall Speech: ‘Who Is The Genius Who Cut Me’

Howard Stern put a lot of time into crafting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech only have it chopped up by HBO.

Stern, 64, inducted Bon Jovi into the 2018 Hall of Fame, but was fuming when he found out the HBO broadcast cut him short. The infamous radio personality spent more than 20 minutes venting about his speech at the top of his SiriusXM show on Monday.

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“I really crafted my words, I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to have a good time,” Stern said on the “Howard 100” show. “I really crafted the thing… so some editor could determine if I was funny in places? They were probably like, ‘Hey, that’s a funny joke, but we gotta cut somewhere.’ No you don’t have to cut somewhere!”

Stern, who likes to avoid travel as much as possible, revealed executives booked a private jet for the radio personality just to have him at the event: “They wanted me there… ya got me there, now f**king air my f**king speech ya f**king kooks!”

“Who is the f**king genius who decided to cut me talking about the women [guitarist] Richie Sambora banged?” he asked. “I want to know the comedy genius… I’ve sat in on these sessions. It’s kind of like, ‘Yeah, cut that!’ It’s like a butcher shop. ‘Cut the fat off!’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, well we gotta cut something.’ No, you don’t! If something’s good, you don’t cut it!”

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He recognized the time restraint with television broadcasts, but could not quite let the edits go.

“I did that for Jon and Richie and David [Bryan] because I’ve known them for so long and I couldn’t say no,” Stern said. “And I’m glad I went…but watching it back was painful because I didn’t like being edited. And they might have been right…I just don’t want to be edited.”

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