Zachary Levi Comes Under Fire For ‘White Privilege’ Tweets

Twitter isn’t happy with Zachary Levi and his “white privilege.”

The criticism all started after the actor was accused of believing in the sexist practice of the friend zone.

A fan of the “Shazam” actor took to Twitter to post about his thoughts on Levi’s recent livestream, “I’ve been thinking a lot about something Zach said in one of his Instagram lives lately,” user Stories With Web wrote. “Imagine a person saying something and then a group of people crowding them telling them why they are wrong or out of line. That terrifies me to think of, so why would people think online is any different?”

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And Levi responded, “Precisely. Conduct yourself online in the same way you’d conduct yourself in real life.”

But another Twitter user, Shades of Limelight, seemed to disagree, “FYI, like you a lot but I would absolutely tell you that ‘the friend zone’ was a bulls**t concept with a sexist history in person.”

Levi quipped back to that by saying, “You may feel very strongly about it, but feelings do not equal fact, no matter how intense.”

In response, that user believed Levi’s decision to write back was a form of cyberbullying. They also posted articles to claim that the friend zone is, in fact, a sexist idea.

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In their next exchange, Levi defended his opinion.

But the “Chuck” actor’s next tweet caused some heated reaction.

“And, with all due respect to you, saying that men can’t lead meaningful conversations about sexism, and that white people can’t lead meaningful conversations about racism, is both sexist and racist,” he wrote. “Truth doesn’t care about privilege, nor do those who seek it.”

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Levi has since taken to Twitter to apologize and to clear up his words: “Because 280 characters is never, ever enough to explain what you mean. Truth is, these three pics barely cover it, but I’m trying folks. I really am.”

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