Clay Aiken Says ‘American Idol’ Has Gone Soft, Calls Out Recently Eliminated Contestant

“American Idol” season two runner-up Clay Aiken wants to “#MakeIdolGreatAgain”.

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Aiken, 39, called out the latest iteration of the show for taking it easy on singers after recently eliminated contestant Catie Turner flubbed on stage.

“So when I was on ‘American Idol’ I slightly flubbed some lyrics,” the singer tweeted. “Nowhere near this noticeable… and even Paula gave me hell. This girl gets a therapy session?! Really? Seriously??! What happened to the show we loved?”

Aiken punctuated his short rant with the Twitter hashtag “#MakeIdolGreatAgain”.

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The platinum-selling singer and one-time congressional district runner-up also attached a video of Turner forgetting her lyrics.

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