In advance of his starring role opposite Michael B. Jordan in HBO’s upcoming “Fahrenheit 451”, Michael Shannon appeared on Monday’s edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to discuss the new TV movie — and why he thinks his cat would make a great villain in the next James Bond film.

Addressing an online movement to see the former “Boardwalk Empire” star square off against 007, Shannon discussed his resemblance to Roger Moore-era Bond villain Jaws (Richard Kiel).

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“You know who’d be a good Bond villain is my cat,” Shannon told Fallon, describing his pet’s thumbs and “huge mitts” while Fallon cracked up.

“The combination of my cat with my voice I think could make the most disturbing Bond villain ever,” declared Shannon, “outside of Christopher Walken in ‘A View to a Kill’.”

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During the interview, Fallon also became enamoured with Shannon’s bushy moustache. “Man, that is a fantastic moustache,” quipped Fallon.

“You wanna touch it?” Shannon asked the host, resulting in a very strange and very funny “Tonight Show” moment. Watch:

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