Woody Harrelson Tells Ellen About How Willie Nelson Broke His Pot Sobriety

Woody Harrelson is an award-winning TV and film actor, but he’s also well known for another passion: smoking weed.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday, the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” star talked about how he actually quit pot for nearly two years, until he “ran into this fella named Willie,”  referring to country legend and pot enthusiast Willie Nelson, of course.

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“He was never comfortable with me quitting; it just bothered him,” Harrelson explained.

After years of trying to get Harrelson back to smoking pot, Nelson finally succeeded after the actor won a game of poker, handing him a vape pen.

“I take a big draw off it and he says, ‘Welcome home, son.'”

Harrelson also shared some details about “Solo”, but only the talking points Disney authorized him to share.

The actor pulled out a sheet of paper with all the talking points listed, with tantalizing information like, “‘Solo’ is different from any other ‘Star Wars’ film.”

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Ellen also had Harrelson play a game she called “Woody’ve Done That?” in which she read off scenarios and guessed whether the actor had actually experienced them.

Some of those experiences included fending off a gang with two big rocks, and jumping out of a police van after being arrested, only to be hit by a car.

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