R. Kelly Accusers Detail Alleged Physical, Emotional Abuse: ‘We Were Required To Call Him Daddy’

Two women spoke publicly Tuesday about their allegations of abuse against R. Kelly.

Kelly’s ex-girlfriends Kitti Jones and Asante McGee appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” to detail the physical abuse they allege they suffered at the hands of the singer, People reported.

According to Jones, two weeks after moving in with Kelly, she confronted him about a famous sex tape apparently showing Kelly urinating on an underage girl. “That was the first time he abused me,” she said.

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Jones also detailed the ways in which Kelly allegedly dominated her life under his roof.

“I had to wear sweatpants, I had to stand up when he would walk into the room. I did have to be on his phone plan,” she said. “He would put a lot of his girlfriends on his phone plan so he could control who you were talking to, how often you talk to your family, what you’re texting. Things like that.”

McGee added, “He pretty much tries to say that your family is jealous that you’re with him. Your family wants to be with him, and you’re happy and this is what you need to do. And if you disobey him, he would fake cry and make you sympathize.”

Kelly even kept control over her use of the bathroom, McGee said. “I had to use the restroom and texted him, ‘Daddy, I need to use the restroom,'” she explained. “We were required to call him ‘Daddy.’ He told us to call him ‘Daddy.’ You address him as ‘Daddy.’ You would get in trouble if you didn’t.”

Host Megyn Kelly also gave the women the opportunity to respond to a statement from Kelly’s management denying the allegations and referring to them as the “lynching of a black man who has made extraordinary contributions to our culture.”

McGee called the statement “bullcrap,” while Jones added, “When you give up those things for love, you don’t think that person is going to turn into something else. You’re just in it. I felt like I gave up everything and once I was there I was just in it. And the more I started learning about him I just got sucked into it. I felt like I didn’t have anything to go back to.”

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Wendy Williams also discussed Kelly on her show Monday, telling her audience that the singer once admitted to her that, “He can’t read, he can’t write, and he can’t add.”

“The idea that people are surrounding you and still wouldn’t put you in school,” Williams said, “I can’t understand it.”

“I don’t understand parents who unleash their kids…” she said before beginning to cry.

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