Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Infringement Claim Against Gynecologist Dr. Drai

Dr. Dre was out to protect his brand, but the U.S. trademark office decided a gynecologist named Dr. Drai wouldn’t confuse the public.

According to the BBC, the rapper objected in 2015 when a gynecologist named Draion M. Burch filed for a trademark of the name Dr. Drai.

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Dr. Dre argued that the similarities of the trademarked names would create “confusion,” citing the fact that Burch planned to sell audiobooks and seminars using the name.

Last week, the trademark office ruled against Dr. Dre, saying the rapper had failed to show that the public might be misled into purchasing products from Dr. Drai.

The ruling pointed to the “higher degree of care” Burch’s customers would likely use when making purchasing decisions given his typical speaking fee of $5,000.

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Burch also argued confusion was unlikely “because Dr. Dre is not a medical doctor nor is he qualified to provide any type of medical services or sell products specifically in the medical or healthcare industry.”

The doctor also cited allegedly misogynistic and homophobic lyrics in Dr. Dre’s work to argue that, in fact, he was not looking to be associated with the rapper.

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