Joel McHale Opens Up About Battle With Dyslexia, Admits His Son Has Also Been Diagnosed

Joel McHale has opened up about the moment he was diagnosed with dyslexia, admitting that his teachers failed to recognize that he had the learning difficulty despite him struggling at school.

The 46-year-old, who shares Isaac 10, and Edward, 13, with his wife Sarah, discussed having to repeat grades with Dax Shepard for his podcast “Armchair Expert”.

“When I started ‘The Soup’ back in 2004, I was so anxious because I can’t really read, and I had to read teleprompter.”

The comedian revealed he was only diagnosed when he found out one of his sons was also dyslexic.

“They literally diagnosed me [as a] slow-starter. One [of my sons] was being diagnosed, and the doctor goes, and she was describing all of the symptoms, and I was like, ‘That’s what I have.’

“And she goes, ‘Oh, I was wondering which one it was because it’s passed down.'”

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The learning difficulty clearly runs in the family — McHale said that his father is also dyslexic, despite not admitting to it at first.

“He would never really admit it for a long time. He can’t remember names just like I can’t, if it’s just two people I’m fine.”

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McHale also discussed his choosing to “dive into” sports when he struggled at school.

He added that it gave him “confidence and self-esteem.”

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