Sandra Bullock plays a seasoned political strategist in Our Brand Is Crisis and she must have taken something away from her character because, like a true politician, the actress isn’t answering one of the burning questions emerging from the movie – is that her real backside in a mooning scene?

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“No one has said, ‘That’s a great a$$,'” jokes Bullock during an interview with ET Canada in Los Angeles. “That’s the response that I want before I’ll confirm or deny.” The Oscar winner’s not opposed to nudity in film, although she says she prefers to use it for laughs rather than titillation. “I’ve done full nudity before for the sake of comedy. I won’t do it for seriousness but I’ll show some body parts for a joke.”

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It’s no joke that the actress is a proud mom and a protective one at that, but that doesn’t mean she shies away from some tough conversations with her son Louis, revealing she’s already spoken with him about things like racism and prejudice. “I think those conversations with someone as young as a five-year-old is really important so it’s not a shock to them that there’s a divide when they get older, I think that’s a disservice is keeping them too much in the bubble,” she says. “Our household is treating someone kindly because of the content of their character. They could come in with three heads, it doesn’t matter, if they’re a good person they get treated with kindness.”

Here, Bullock and co-star Billy Bob Thornton discuss their characters, rival political strategists: