Deadpool Mocks ‘Infinity War’ Plea For No Spoilers

Leave it to Deadpool to take a swipe at “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Ryan Reynolds’ red-suited anti-hero took a swipe at Marvel’s “Infinity War” anti-spoiler campaign, which begged fans not to reveal what happens — or who survives — the ensemble movie.

Topping the open letter to fans tweeted (then deleted) by directors Joe and Anthony Russo urging fans to keep a “level of secrecy” after seeing the film, Deadpool went one step further, comparing the film’s “super secrets” to that of magician David Blaine and Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe.

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And don’t wait for Reynolds to give away any plot details before “Deadpool 2” opens on May 18.

“Only a handful of people know the film’s true plot,” the letter posted to Reynolds’ Instagram reads. “One of them is not Ryan Reynolds.”

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