Anthony Anderson Doesn’t Agree With Kanye West But Says His Pro-Trump Tweets Encourage ‘Healthy’ Dialogue

“Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson may not agree with Kanye West’s pro-Donald Trump tweets and remarks about slavery, but the actor believes in the discussion his remarks are stirring up.

“I’m not going to disparage Kanye for what he said. I disagree with it but it’s his God-given right to say what it is that he wants to say,” Anderson tells ET Canada in Toronto.

“We live in a world and in a country that promotes free speech. We may not agree with everything anyone says. Just like people may not agree with what I have to say or with what you have to say,” he says. “But we live in a country where that should be respected.”

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While he doesn’t agree with West’s sentiments, he is encouraging the conversations that have sprung up in response.

“I think it’s good because it’s creating this dialogue amongst communities and amongst people that would not normally engage in that type of conversion,” he continues. “I think the conversation is always healthy but we have to go out there and do more than talk about things. We have to make change with our voices and with our votes.”

While West has been compared to being in the “Sunken Place” in reference to Jordan Peele’s hit horror movie “Get Out”, Anderson himself explored the notion on an episode of “Black-ish”.



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