Donald Trump Offered John McEnroe $1 Million To Play Tennis With Serena Williams

John McEnroe was reportedly offered a cool seven figures to take on either Serena or Venus Williams in a tennis match.

And the person who offered him the $1 million was none other than U.S. President Donald Trump. McEnroe, 59, did not specify when the offer was made but revealed it was before Trump took office.

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“I was calling a match and suddenly I get this envelope, and it’s from Donald Trump, who is promoter galore,” McEnroe said on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger”.

“So he wrote me a letter, it went, ‘Dear John, I want to offer you $1 million to play either Serena or Venus,” the all-time great tennis player said. McEnroe explained how the Williams sisters were boasting about their ability to beat male tennis players around this time.

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McEnroe turned down the money, citing no desire to play competitive tennis against women. He did, however, believe he could outplay Venus or Serena. His daughters did not agree.

“‘Dad, I don’t know if you can beat Serena,'” McEnroe said they told him. “I’m like, ‘God, I can’t even get my kids on my side.'”

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