Lars von Trier’s producer and business partner, Peter Aalbaek Jensen, has said that he’ll “stop slapping a**es” after an investigation was launched into von Trier’s Danish company Zentropa.

Jensen made the comments to The Hollywood Reporter after The Danish Working Environment Authority launched an investigation into the company when nine former employees accused them of sexual harassment.

Jensen, who is an executive producer on von Trier’s “The House That Jack Built”, which plays Monday at the Cannes Film Festival, insisted, “I’ve always been a cheerful guy and I’ve been slapping the a**es of guys and girls at the company for 20 years but I never tried to f**k anyone.

“But these days that is seen differently than it was 5, 10, 15 years ago… so I’ll stop slapping a**es.”

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The investigation has since been closed, with the Danish authority insisting the film company had taken “a number of steps against bullying and sexual harassment and introduced a new code of conduct,” according to newspaper Politiken.

The publication also claimed that Jensen, who stepped down as Zentropa CEO in 2016 but remains a producer at the company, had not read the new guidelines.

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He admitted, “I’m not familiar with them. I’ve never been interested in Boy Scout rules, not when I was CEO of the company and not now.”

Jensen added, “I know that I’m guilty and that I have been guilty for about 25 years, with my fondness for butt-slapping. And it was delightful until the second I was told to give it up.”