Candice Bergen, 72, Reveals She Fainted After Having Facial Injections

Candice Bergen has opened up about a rather painful beauty experience, with her admitting she actually passed out after having some injections from her dermatologist.

The 72-year-old, who has been busy promoting her latest film “Book Club”, in which she stars alongside Diane Keaton, 72, Jane Fonda, 80, and Mary Steenburgen, 65, was questioned about how she maintains her youthful looks.

Bergen told People she uses Mila Moursi creams, before she added: “I have had those shots a few times. The last time I had them, I fainted — I’m so pain-averse.”

The actress’ fellow cast members then dished the dirt on some of their own beauty tips, with Fonda saying, “My tip is good genes and a lot of money. And posture. I broke my back diving when I was 13, so I’ve spent a lot of time making my back strong.”

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Bergen’s latest comments come after she spoke about aging in an interview with

“I can’t even believe I actually passed the 70 mark. I’m just, How did this happen? It’s so shocking.”

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Bergen added, when asked if losing her looks had ever been a concern of hers, “My parents never focused on my looks. As a result, I have very little vanity, for a woman.

“Certainly, I look older. I haven’t had a facelift. I had plastic surgery—I had my eyes done when I was 41. But as you get older, you should also look older.”



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