And The Winner of ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 6 Is…

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s season finale of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















Another season of “Big Brother Canada” is in the books and a new champion is crowned, as Paras becomes $100,000 richer in a landslide 6-1 victory over runner-up Kaela.

The 23-year-old law student flew under-the-radar for a significant portion of the season, relying on her social game to flip back-and-forth between rival alliances undetected. While some of her decision-making was questionable at times, often having to vote out her closest allies, the Vancouver native managed to avoid the block until week nine, a testament to the strong bonds she’d made in the game.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Despite not winning a competition all season, Paras finally pulled off a clutch Head of Household victory last week, guaranteeing herself a spot in the Final Three. She continues her success in tonight’s two-hour finale, taking the win in the first part of the Final HOH comp – an intense coin-stacking competition that pushes each finalist to their limit. Kaela then topples Derek in an epic showmance showdown, leaving the two girls to battle it out in part three.

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Before the ladies face off, the jurors deliberate on all three finalists. Ryan says he will never vote for Kaela no matter what, while Ali claims that Kaela is more deserving than Derek as she did all the dirty work. Johnny says that Derek used his charms to get by and played dumb when he needed to. When it comes to Paras, the group debates whether or not she was a floater, but Olivia argues being a floater is an “amazing strategy” if you know how to work it to your advantage.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Back in the house, Paras and Kaela go head-to-head in the final trivia part of the HOH comp, and it’s an incredibly close result. The two women remain tied until the very last question when Paras is finally able to defeat the one they call “Slayla,” giving her the power to evict the last houseguest of the season. It’s a little disappointing that Kaela didn’t win this one as it deprived the audience of the most intriguing question coming into the finale – whether or not she would cut her showmance.

Instead, Paras is the one that takes out Derek, announcing that “It’s time for an all-female final two,” and it’s hard to disagree with her. The women dominated this season and so it’s only fitting that it ends with two of them fighting it out for the ultimate prize. And boy do they fight, the jury questioning is perhaps the most rapid and fierce in “Big Brother Canada” history.

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A passionate Paras admits she played up the goofy persona so that she wouldn’t appear as a threat, but that she was playing from Night 1, putting herself in multiple alliances and managing to keep her game hidden. She claims she got herself to the end, won the two most important HOH competitions of the season and did what nobody else was able to do – break up the showmance.

Kaela is just as spirited in her answers, touting her competition wins and letting the jurors know that she is responsible for evicting each of them. She says that she molded Derek into the player she needed him to be and would have cut him had she won the final HOH. At some points, Kaela’s answers sound tailored to a Final 2 of her and Derek, as she never really explains why Paras is undeserving. It also doesn’t help her case when she calls the jurors overly emotional “babies.”

Paras ends up sweeping the jury votes, proving that this is indeed her season. Also, shoutout to Johnny for dropping a “Survivor” snakes and rats quote in his vote speech. Kaela only receives one vote, from Derek, which is perhaps an unfair reflection of her game. Her assertive gameplay was probably deserving of more credit than she was given, especially the week where she turned the vote around and saved herself from what seemed like certain eviction.

Ultimately, the social game trumps all, and while Paras stumbled along the way, she maintained tight relationships and never rubbed people the wrong way personally. Kaela spent a lot of the season hooked up with Derek and thereby secluded herself from the rest of the house. Meanwhile, Paras was in every conversation, forming the kind of friendships that kept her off the block for 50-something days and earned her the title of “Big Brother Canada” champion.

That’s another season of “BBCAN” in the history books, hopefully there will be more to come!

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