Canadian Music Icon Paul Anka Reflects On His Lengthy Music Career, Drake And Michael Buble

Honoured with an induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame on Thursday, legendary singer Paul Anka sat down with ET Canada’s Roz Weston to reflect not only on his career, but how he believes Drake is mastering the music scene.

“Drake is the guy for me today,” Anka says when asked who is “doing it right” in the music industry right now. “You know in that genre he has really got it nailed down.”

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“The writing has always been the most important. I mean even to this day where I’m sitting here waiting for a Drake record to come out,” he says, teasing an upcoming collaboration between the pair that will be released in June. “And as soon as the legalities get signed. June you might get a big surprise folks! I can’t tell you more than that. It’s in the hands of those naughty lawyers,” he says with a laugh.

The Ottawa-born Anka was inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Michael Buble, someone whose career he has followed from the very beginning.

“I was there in the beginning from the first note!” he tells ET Canada. “I ultimately found out that Michael was going to be involved. I was very touched by it. Because he’s the one guy with all that success that deserves it! He’s never changed. He’s a gentleman. He’s great at what he does. And getting better and better. And he stands up and he’s loyal to his friends. And he loves his family.”

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The “Lonely Boy” singer has nothing but praise for the Canadian crooner and his decision to put family first when his son Noah was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. He is now in remission.

“It’s about your family. Your friends. And your health. The rest in this business is meaningless, even in life,” the 76-year-old says. “And he stood up, he manned up, so we all felt for him, and we respected him in how he’s dealt with it. And you know what? He can go away under any circumstances and he’ll be back, and he’ll be back bigger than he ever was. Not that he’s gone anywhere. It’s just that simple. I’m so proud of him.”

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Ahead of the ceremony, Anka reflects on his songwriting process, telling ET Canada sometimes the hits just come to him.

“‘My Way'” took five hours,” he says of the classic song he wrote for Frank Sinatra. “I sat down wrote it as if Sinatra were writing it. I finished at 5 in the morning. I sent it to him, I went out to Vegas actually and played it and two months later he called me up and that was it.”

He adds, “It’s touched people its touched people in so many eclectic ways.”

One of those people who has been “touched” by “My Way” is Vladimir Putin.

“I went to Russia because Putin loves ‘My Way’ so over I went and I’m singing ‘My Way’ to Putin and it just take on a whole different feel for everybody because of the words,” he says with a laugh.

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