Viewers of last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live got a blast from the past — or is it a blast from the future? — when filmdom’s most famous DeLorean drove onstage and out stepped Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, in costume as time-travelling Marty McFly and Doc Brown, fresh from the ’80s.

While Marty was dismayed to learn there were no flying cars in 2015, the Doc was a bit confused by all the changes in late-night television. “What happened to Johnny Carson?”; he asked.

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Marty then asked the audience, “If you don’t mind my asking, what the hell have you guys been doing for the past 30 years?”; before determining that “2015 kinda sucks.”;

The duo’s reunion was in celebration of yesterday being dubbed Back to the Future day, since Oct. 21, 2015 was the date to which Marty and Doc travelled in Back the Future 2.

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Watch — and look for a special BttF cameo you probably won’t see coming: