Will Smith Was Broke Before ‘Fresh Prince’ And Auditioned For The Show By Chance

Will Smith’s life could have been very different if it had not been for one conversation.

The beloved actor and rapper revealed the surreal circumstances that led him to the leading role on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

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“Before I was in trouble with Uncle Phil, I was in trouble with Uncle Sam,” Smith kicked off a “STORYTIME” video on his official YouTube channel.

Smith, 49, described the frivolous lifestyle he was living at the height of his success as a rapper. He was buying motorcycles and cars and, most importantly, not paying his taxes. The rapper’s next album “flopped” and he was left broke and at the mercy of the IRS.

His girlfriend at the time convinced him to visit “The Arsenio Hall Show”. There he met Benny Medina, the man who “Fresh Prince” was based on. Smith was invited to meet Quincy Jones who handed Smith a screenplay and asked him to audition for the lead role of “Fresh Prince” on the spot.

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The rapper asked for a few weeks to prepare for the role to which Jones replied, “you could take 10 minutes right now and you could change your life forever.” Needless to say, Smith snagged the role. A contract was hastily drafted and the rest is history.

So what did Smith learn from his whirlwind rags to riches, to rags again, and back to riches story? “The moral of the story is always say yes. And I guess, listen to your girlfriend.”

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