Drake Teams Up With Lil Baby For Hard-Driving New Track ‘Pikachu’

While Drake has been hard at work prepping his upcoming album, Scorpion, for a June release, the Toronto-based rapper gave fans something to tide them over until then, releasing a new collaboration with Lil Baby on Saturday.

The hard-driving track, produced by Wheezy, is titled “Pikachu”, and finds Drake helping out with a bold rap.

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“The dash, it’s digital, the schedule busy/My head in a hoodie, my shorty a goodie,” he raps. “My cousins are crazy, my cousin’s like Boogie/Life is amazin’, it is what it should be/Been here for 10 but I feel like a rookie/I tell her, ‘look up’ ’cause it’s snowin’ in Tootsie’s/Booked for three years, man you can’t even book me/It’s me and Lil Baby, this s**t goin’ crazy.”

Then it’s Lil Baby’s turn: “Cartier glasses, I won’t even peek at you/Yellow Ferrari like Pikachu/I got ’em waitin’ and watchin’ what he gon’ do/Tryna peep what I do, tryna steal my moves/$2,500 for a new pair of tennis shoes/The same price, I could make them youngins come and finish you.”

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Presumably, “Pikachu” will be one of the tracks to appear on Lil Baby’s upcoming album, Harder Than Ever. You can give it a listen above.

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