John Oliver And Wilmer Valderrama Talk Venezuela Crisis, Take Swipe At Nicolas Maduro On ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver was joined by Wilmer Valderrama on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight”, with the pair mocking Nicolas Maduro as they spoke about the Venezuela crisis.

Oliver told viewers that Maduro’s “epic mismanagement” had left the country starving, despite its large oil reserves.

The presenter also explained that after former president Hugo Chavez passed away in 2013, his chosen successor, Maduro, had made things even worse for the people of Venezuela and increasing inflation meant that it had become nearly impossible for people to buy food.

The public have now taken to protesting with “poo-poo-tov” cocktails, which are basically bags of human faeces.

Oliver noted it was a case of “desperate people turning to a desperate measure.”

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The British host went on, “What is happening in Venezuela is not just extremely important, it is absolutely worth paying attention to because this is not just a story about socialism.

“There are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela. It’s a story about epic mismanagement. So epic that a nation of 31 million people with the largest oil reserves in the world have been forced to resort to some pretty creative forms of protest.”

Oliver continued: “He [Maduro] has managed Venezuela’s economic crisis in the worst possible way. He’s doubled down on many of Chavez’s most unsound policies, like unrealistic currency and price controls, while attempting to make up for missing revenue by simply creating more money. And, as a result, inflation has exploded.”

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Valderrama, who donned a green bird costume on the show after Maduro said that the late Chavez had visited him in the form of a bird, then joined in: “You’re in some serious trouble compadre… the whole world can see what a mess you are making.”

The actor, who grew up in Venezuela, added: “The point is you need to accept humanitarian aid and cool it with the dictator stuff. Or I’ve got a ‘poo-poo-tov’ cocktail with your name on it right here.”

Sunday’s show also saw Oliver talk about the “Maduro diet,” telling viewers it was a “very healthy-sounding term for a horrifying situation.”

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