Canadian actress Tricia Helfer is starting a fresh chapter, both personally and professionally.

“Just moving on with another phase of my life – I’m getting, will be getting divorced – and, but it’s a friendly situation, were supportive and loving of each other and sometimes things just, you know, things just take a different course and you go, ‘let’s go a different direction’,” the “Battlestar Galactica” alum says.

Helfer and lawyer Johnathan Marshall married in 2003, announcing their separation in May of 2017. Despite the split, Helfer, 44, says the couple is still supportive of one another after spending so many years together.

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“I’m so lucky that we’re mature, and adult – and you know, things can be hard, of course,” the Alberta-born Helfer says. “But at the same time, you know, we spent 15 years together and we should continue to be there as a supportive system for each other.”

Just weeks after she sat down with ET Canada in Los Angeles, where she opened up about the next phase of her personal life, her series “Lucifer” has since been cancelled. For the actress who plays Charlotte on the show, everything in season 3 has been leading up to the big finale on May 14, which she says take a “dark turn.”

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“This whole season, she’s been trying to find her identity having a four-month, lapsed time blackout where she was actually down in hell and Mom had taken over her body,” she explains. “Throughout the season, she’s been discovering things about herself and having these hellish nightmares… and she finally discovers the truth. That she was in hell and Lucifer is the devil and Amenadiel is an angel.”

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