Melissa Benoist, On Playing A Role Model In ‘Supergirl’

Torontonians may have noticed something in the air. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a man??? Nope. It’s Supergirl!

That’s the new show coming to Global on Monday. Its star, Melissa Benoist, is completely aware of the huge pressure to become not only TV’s newest superhero but also, a TV role model to many.

“[Young girls] are the people,”; says Benoist, “that I at least have encountered the most that have been affected and that’s been really uplifting and rewarding for me… I definitely see that it’s a big responsibility and I welcome it and I think it’s a privilege to be that.”;

Benoist plays the role of Kara Zorel, the cousin of her more famous cousin, Kal-El, whom you may know as Superman. When we’re introduced to Kara, she has been trying to live an ordinary life despite her extraordinary powers.

“What I love about her,”; admits the star, “is she’s this young, spirited hero and really wants to make a difference in the world.”;

For more with Melissa Benoist, watch the segment below.

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