You can add Seth Rogen to the list of Canadians celebrating a Liberal election win.

“I think it’s great,”; Seth tells ET Canada. “I’m happy Stephen Harper is no longer the prime minister of Canada. I think this is a step in a bright, new direction.”;

Employing his trademark laugh, Seth adds he’s also a fan of PM-elect Justin Trudeau’s promise to decriminalize marijuana.

“Again, I think we’re heading in a bright, new direction.”;

Seth, who’s busy promoting Steve Jobs, is also happy about the reviews his  performance in the film has been getting from critics. But mostly he’s relieved.

“I’ve seen comedic actors in the past transition to other types of movies with varying degrees of success, and at times I’m the first to mock those people,”; he says. “So just being aware of that, I was worried that I would become a target of like-minded mockery.”;

Steve Jobs opens in theatres everywhere tonight.

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