Neil Patrick Harris Dreams In Puppets

In case you thought you knew everything there was to know about Broadway vet and Tony host extraordinaire, Neil Patrick Harris, you may want to continue reading.

The How I Met Your Mother star is surprising everyone with his wacky new mockumentary web series about his secret obsession with puppets.  Dubbing his ailment “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”; – coincidentally also the name of the series – the actor is teaming up with Jim Henson’s brother Brian, to fight “puppet intolerance”; in a risqué way.

Also getting in on the wacky action is Neil’s real-life partner David Burtka, True Blood star Joe Manganiello clad in a pineapple tank top no less, Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestants Detox and Wilam and a barrage of Henson puppets.  Drag performer Wilam says: “I say don’t work with children, animals, puppets drag queens or ‘tranimals’ which is a combination of all of them.”;

If this sneak peek is any indication, the “action”; we’re referring to includes puppet-on-human fantasies, Carmen Miranda-style fruit hats and a puppet warthog.

The series airs on November 27 on The Nerdist Channel on YouTube. Watch the preview below!



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