If you’re a user of Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing apps, then Pamela Anderson has a sobering message for you about how drivers are being exploited, courtesy of a new PSA from the National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly initiative.

In the brief PSA, a prospective driver enters the dodgy-looking facility of “Rideshare Corp,” where a hologram tells him the company uses “manipulative tactics to get our drivers to work for inadequate pay and no benefits.”

He’s then greeted by “The Closer”, played by Anderson, who seductively purrs, “So… I think you’re gonna love this gig,” before assessing that he appears to be in good health. “So no need for health insurance,” she adds brusquely.

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“You would never accept a job that denies workman’s comp, minimum wage or social security,” says Anderson in a voiceover. “Yet you accept these conditions for your driver every time you use a ride-hailing app.”

In an accompanying press release, the former “Baywatch” star calls for legislation that will provide drivers for these services with adequate pay and benefits.

“The public has come to rely on ride-hail apps, not only as transportation, but as income,” she adds. “Rather than appreciate the hard work and dedication provided by their drivers, these services lure innocent job-seekers with flashy ads about great pay and flexibility, yet force them to work intolerable hours, earning a barely livable wage. As a community, we must stand up for these drivers and demand legislation that grants them employment status and the benefits associated with it.”

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According to the National Limousine Association, its Ride Responsibly initiative “is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all ground transportation passengers and drivers,” while calling for U.S. lawmakers to “address the unfair labour tactics utilized by ride-hailing apps, and work to curb the abuse that drivers suffer on a daily basis.”

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