Ryan Reynolds Says His Daughter Sobbed For Hours After Seeing His ‘Deadpool 2’ Scar Makeup

Ryan Reynolds says he feels “freer” than he’s ever felt in his life while he’s wearing his Deadpool mask, but he reveals his under-the-mask look was too much for his two daughters, James and Inez.

“When I’m in the scar makeup, that’s hard”, Reynolds says during a chat on Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio show. “It’s hard for my kids because they were on set a lot and they’re 3 and 1. I’d leave the house in the morning and they’d be dad and by lunch it’d look like I fell asleep on a stove.”

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“My 1-year-old daughter would just sob for hours after seeing me. It’s torture because you can’t just rip it off in the moment and be like, ‘No, no, see I’m under here’ and un-do four hours of prosthetic makeup work, so I elected to just continue to scar her,” the Canadian actor says.

Reynolds even jokes that he thought about wearing his scar makeup at home around his youngest, Inez.

“Surprise! I’m your dad. I fell asleep in a microwave,” he says with a smile.



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