Howie Mandel Is Trying To Reboot ‘Bobby’s World’: ‘I’m Working On It Right Now’

With reboots and revivals all over TV screens, Howie Mandel is hoping “Bobby’s World” can make a comeback.

The 1990s cartoon about the incredible imagination of the young Bobby Generic was created and voiced by Mandel. This week he revealed he’s crossing his fingers for the return of the series.

“I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m working on it. I’m working on it right now,” the Canadian comedian tells EW at the NBC Universal Upfronts Presentation on Monday. “I have a meeting on Wednesday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. That’s what I want to do. Let’s hope – write something about it and maybe it’ll happen.”

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Mandel, who will return to TV with the revival of “Deal Or No Deal” this fall, says “Bobby’s World” came about by chance after execs at Fox saw him do his “Bobby voice” as part of his comedy act.

“Like most things that are happening in my career, it was really accidental,” Mandel recalls to EW of making “Bobby’s World”. “I did the voice and I was a club act when Fox asked me to do a Saturday morning cartoon. I didn’t know how to write what I believed was for Saturday mornings. So I just wrote things that happened to me and my kids. And it was all real. And it happened to work,” he recalls.

“Eighty-four episodes, 65 countries in syndication. It was number one for nine years on Saturday morning. So I think it’s time to come back. And now what we have – with Facebook and Instagram and pop culture – I think that could be a big part of what Bobby is dealing with today,” he says.



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