“Deadpool 2” stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin squared off in what is arguably the most hilarious and NSFW edition of BBC 1’s “Playground Insults”.

The game is simple, the co-stars take turns roasting each other until someone “absolutely loses it” or one of them drops a game-ending insult.

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Both actors delivered serious insults with Reynolds offering gems like, “You’re so old you make dust look like a baby” and “You dress like an old George Hamilton.”

One comment that went even too far for the sarcastic Vancouver-born star was when he told Brolin, “You’re so bad in ‘Goonies,’ when you come on screen people don’t drink, they punch themselves in the d**k for five straight minutes.”

“He’s actually terrific in ‘Goonies’,” Reynolds quickly followed up. “It’s one of my favourite movies.”

But do not feel too bad for Brolin, he had plenty of jokes up his sleeve. “You’re tall, you’re handsome, you have the perfect amount of scruff and you still have no talent,” he said at one point. “Let’s talk about the obvious thing, ‘Green Lantern.’ End of career, and yet you’re still going. Why? None of us can understand.”

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“I was surprised during our sex scene how small your penis was and how big your balls were,” Brolin quipped moments later.

“Deadpool 2” premieres in North America on May 18.

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