According to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who’s winning acclaim for his work on the recent Steve Jobs biopic Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender’s casting as the late Apple CEO owed less to resemblance than it did to talent. In fact, declared Sorkin, the same would hold true when it comes to race and skin colour.

“I know that when [Fassbender’s] casting was announced there was some bewilderment because he does not look anything like Steve Jobs,” Sorkin said during a recent Sirius XM Town Hall broadcast. “But the script doesn’t ask anybody to do a physical impersonation of the character that they’re playing, especially not Steve.”

In fact, Sorkin thinks that had Denzel Washington been younger, the role may have gone to him. “If he were a little bit younger, Denzel [Washington] would have been a great choice in this part,” Sorkin said. “The physical resemblance doesn’t matter. Being an actor with serious chops matters. Having game matters — and Michael does.”