Deadpool is popping up all over the place these days, including on late night shows where he hasn’t been invited.

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The character, played by Ryan Reynolds, crashed Stephen Colbert’s monologue on “The Late Show” Tuesday, going so far as to actually perform part of the monologue in the host’s place.

Deadpool started off by taking a shot at his own film. When Colbert was in the middle of his monologue he asked, “At what point will audiences say enough with the superheroes?”

“Is it ‘Deadpool 2’? I bet it’s ‘Deadpool 2’,” said Reynolds, dressed as the anti-hero, appearing from backstage.

“Please guys, no one stand up,” he told the cheering crowd. “This is CBS, I know how old your audience is.”

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He also took shots at the show’s guests, saying of Jamie Foxx, “I for one loved his work in ‘Back to the Future’,” and of Reynolds, “I’ll tell you who should not be on your show: Ryan Reynolds. Huge a**hole.”

Deadpool then delivered the monologue, making jokes about Donald Trump and the notorious “pee” tape.