Deadpool Teases Marvel In Spoof Video Celebrating 10 Years Of The Universe

Dealpool, a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds, is back in a hilarious spoof to promote the upcoming “Deadpool 2” and to help the Marvel Cinematic Universe mark its 10-year anniversary.

Marvel has been celebrating the milestone all year, but Deadpool is just getting into the festivities by honouring himself.

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The Merc with a Mouth begins the short clip explaining the origins of “Deadpool”, declaring: “It started as an idea: What if we made a ‘Deadpool’ movie?”

This is followed by a recap of the troubles and tribulations the character has been through in order to get his own movie, ranging from the Deadpool’s disappointing debut in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” to Reynolds’ ill-received role in “Green Lantern” and finally, 2016’s “Deadpool” feature film.

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“If you told me back then that one movie would spawn an expansive two-movie universe, I would have said that you were crazy,” Reynolds continued. “But here we are with actual actors, a moderate special effects budget and several low-level X-Men. None of the big ones, though.”

“Deadpool 2” hits theatres this Friday.



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