Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin dropped by “The Late Late Show” on Thursday night and joined James Corden in a skit spoofing the Western classic “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and Corden was not happy with his role as “the ugly.”

Dissatisfied with the label, the late-night host tries arguing with the “Deadpool 2” stars that he should be the good one. “I’m the one who’s good,” Corden claims. “I’m a loving father and husband, I’m active in my community, I give to charity.”

“I do all that too, James, plus I’m Canadian,” Reynolds replies, before going on to tell Corden that “everybody thinks British people are villains.” He and Brolin then list off a bunch of famous British movie bad guys.

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Corden is unable to convince Brolin to swap roles, so suggests that Reynolds could be the ugly one, which causes Reynolds and Brolin to burst into laughter. “He lights up a room,” Brolin says of his “Deadpool 2” co-star. “He’s God’s perfect little snickerdoodle.”

In the end, Corden refuses to continue if he has to be the ugly one, so Reynolds suggests doing a different movie, and, well, the results aren’t much better for “The Late Late Show” host.

Watch the sketch in the video above.