If you think Jared Fogle is creepy now, Dr. Phil has obtained some shocking audio of the disgraced former Subway pitchman that is so disturbing you may never eat a sandwich again after hearing it.

In a two-part Dr. Phil (airing Thursday and Friday) guest Rochelle Herman-Walrond (whose secretly recorded conversations with Fogle led to his conviction) discusses the man she now calls “a monster.”;

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Fogle, who pled guilty to charges of traveling to engage in paid sex with minors and distribution and receipt of child pornography, is scheduled to be sentenced next month, with prosecutors seeking a sentence of between five-12 years in prison.

Herman-Walrond says she first met Fogle in 2006 when he was a guest on her local Florida radio show and tells Dr. Phil she immediately became concerned when he mentioned that he “found middle school girls attractive.”;

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Alarmed by his statements, she says she contacted the FBI and spent five years “role playing”; and secretly recording conversations that she says would make her physically ill, even giving her nightmares.

Listening to the audio tapes, Fogle’s words are jaw-dropping. “Are there any of your kids’ friends that you think are pretty hot?”; he says in one tape, while in another he asks, “What if we put a camera in your kids’ room, would they be OK with that?”;