Toronto-born Will Arnett is a proud Canadian, but after decades spent living in the U.S., how much does he really know about his home and native land?

That’s what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find out when Arnett visited his late-night talk show on Thursday, enticing the “Arrested Development” star to play “Is It Canadian?”, quizzing him about various inventions, celebrities, and food to see if he knew whether or not they originated in Canada.

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So how’d Arnett do? Well, he easily got the first question correct, knowing that “The Handmaid’s Tale” was written by Canadian literary treasure Margaret Atwood, even pointing out that “the show is shot in Canada — next question!”

The second question, however, proved a bit trickier: Was the zipper invented in Canada? After some deliberation, Arnett once again hit the target by correctly guessing that the zipper was not invented in Canada.

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Things got tougher from there with questions about the parachute and basketball, but did Arnett’s winning streak continue? Find out by watching the video above.