UPDATE: Rihanna Says She’s Never Met The Man That’s Claiming To Be Her Ex-Publicist

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 (3:06 p.m.) – Rihanna says the man that’s claiming to be her ex-publicist is an imposter.

The recording megastar’s attorney has issued a statement to Us Weekly that disputes the claims of Jonathan Hay. Hay has said he’s RiRi’s former publicist and the man behind the Jay Z/Rihanna dating rumour, but Rihanna’s legal team says the man was never employed by the pop thunderbolt. In fact, the two have (according to Rihanna) never met.

“Mr. Hay never represented Ms. Fenty, and never had (and does not now have) any personal or professional relationship with Ms. Fenty,”; reads the statement. “In fact, Ms. Fenty has never met Mr. Hay . . .references to Mr. Hay as formerly representing Ms. Fenty in any capacity are false.”;

Rihanna’s former publicist is coming clean.

After J. Randy Taraborelli’s book, Becoming Beyonce, claimed that a publicist had lied about an affair between Jay Z and Rihanna to drum up press, Jonathan Hay is admitting to just that.

“I was desperate at the time because I wanted to have a hit record,” Hay, who represented Rihanna at the time, told Inside Edition. “We were young and stupid.”;

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In a statement to ET, Hay said that he had not read Becoming Beyonce and that the release of the book “came at the worse [sic] time for me professionally.”; Hay said he is a Tidal Rising producer, which is part of the Jay Z-owned streaming service.

“I’m surprised that people are even talking about this still because I admitted this in the press seven or eight years ago,”; he said, adding later, “I brought the truth out on my own years ago because I was feeling convicted [sic] about it then and wanted to clear the air.”;

Meanwhile, Taborelli claims the stunt led to Beyonce and Jay Z splitting in 2005, before getting back together.

Hay says that today, he would say “I’m sorry”; to Beyonce and Rihanna.

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Meanwhile, Taborelli claimed to ET that anyone who bought into this infidelity rumour clearly doesn’t know Beyonce.

“To all the people out there who believe that Jay Z cheats on Beyonce and that she allows it, I can tell you that’s not gonna happen,”; he said. “Beyonce is not that way.”;

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He goes on to claim that the couple’s infamous “elevator incident”; in 2014 occured when Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, overheard the two arguing about Jay Z wanting to go to a party with Rihanna.

“Beyonce did what Beyonce does: She laid down the law. This is very Beyonce, to say, “You ain’t going. It’s not gonna happen. End of story.'”;

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