Introducing The New Women Behind The Men On ‘Hockey Wives’

It’s been said behind every great man is a great woman and season two of Hockey Wives introduces us to more of the women behind the men of the NHL, including singer Keshia Chante who joins the cast this season. Keshia, who is in a relationship with Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ray Emery, says she’s looking forward to showing audiences a different side of her.

“With music and making music videos you’re you but you’re performing, being Keshia Chante, the entertainer. I’m excited to show people Keshia Chante the housewife. Keshia Chante, the creator, the singer, the songwriter, the businesswoman.”;
Keshia isn’t the only new cast member joining the show in this second season. Angela Price, who is married to Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens, also appears on the show.

“I think there’s so many varieties of lifestyles within the hockey world and I like that the show can showcase that,”; she says. “We’re not the typical type of luxurious living people that people like to think sometimes.”; Returning cast member Martine Forget, who is engaged to Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier, agrees. “It’s a normal life, it’s not just watching the game and partying and going to Vegas when they’re on the road.”;

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While there are certainly perks to being “married to the game”; the ladies add there are specific challenges that come with being married to a professional athlete. “You can lose yourself getting wrapped up in the guys’ projects and always being focused on what they need and what they’re doing,”; says Angela. It’s that focus on her husband’s career that made appearing on Hockey Wives attractive. “It’s kind of nice to have a project of my own.”;

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Both Martine and Angela add they like the tone of Hockey Wives and how it’s different from, say, the Real Housewives franchise with its fighting and cattiness. Hockey Wives shows the women supporting each other rather than lobbing drinks at each other. “If I wouldn’t have seen the first season, I wouldn’t have done the show,”; says Angela. “There’s drama but it’s real-life drama – trades, being home alone, sometimes feeling like a single parent,”; she adds.

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