‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Stars Donald Glover And Alden Ehrenreich Talk Long Audition Process

The stars of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” really went through a lot to get cast in the movie.

Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich appeared together on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about starring as iconic characters Lando and Han.

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Asked how many times they auditioned for the film, Glover revealed he auditioned a whopping seven times, while Ehrenreich was put through six auditions.

“Oh… They weren’t sure about me!” Glover joked.

DeGeneres also asked about the actors’ musical tastes given Glover’s success as a rapper and his Billboard No. 1 song “This Is America”.

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Ehrenreich said that they listen to different kinds of music, and would often try to choose the right music to play in his trailer to seem cool when Glover dropped by.

“One time I was coming to set,” Glover recalled, “and you just asked me, ‘Hey, do you listen to The Eagles?'”

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