Kate McKinnon Defends Her Guarded Personal Life, Discusses Her Sexuality In Tell-All GQ Interview

Kate McKinnon discusses everything from “Saturday Night Live” to choosing to keep her private life private in a new GQ interview.

McKinnon, 34, has impersonated Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Mueller and dozens more on screen, and she speaks about why she prefers to play somebody else rather than be herself in the candid chat.

She explains in the GQ comedy issue, which pokes fun at the epic Vanity Fair photoshop fail with its hilarious cover: “The whole reason that I like doing this is because I want to talk to people. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my voice is quite soft, and I speak slowly, and I feel it’s easier for me to talk to people through the medium of sketch comedy. Ironically, if I’m in a wig, that’s my unadulterated self.”

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McKinnon adds of preparing to go live on “SNL”, “I often run around on Saturdays saying, ‘Oh, my God, this is like a sporting event.’ I’ve never watched a sporting event but I think it’s that kind of mentality—really physical and mental focus for 12 hours or so.

“There is, quite literally, a clock ticking down throughout the day. It’s scary. And thrilling. You know: Are we going to win, or not?”

Credit: Martin Schoeller/GQ
Credit: Martin Schoeller/GQ

The comedian’s interview also sees her discuss her characters, admitting that sometimes it can be hard if her home life has been quiet.

She insists, “It’s by accident that I live. I try sometimes to live just so I’ll have something to say.”

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McKinnon, who says it was her “physiological reaction” to Gillian Anderson’s Scully that made her realize she was gay aged 12, adds of her personal life: “I get criticized by people who know me the best for not sharing enough details about my day or my life. I am just quite an insular person, I guess.”

Watch McKinnon fake trash a hotel room in the video below:

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