Never before has a castaway from Survivor been interviewed on television before they were eliminated from the game, but today on The Jeff Probst Show, current Survivor: Philippines contestant Lisa Whelchel is making television history!

Best known for playing Blair Warner on the hit ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life, Lisa joined Jeff on his show for a Survivor super fan showdown. She talked with the host about dealing with her extreme shyness and current child stars in the spotlight today.

After beating out Jeff on their Survivor super fan showdown, Lisa says the reason she’s sometimes unable to be social with her tribe is a direct result of being a child actor.  “Even though I grew up on a television show about friends, that was not my experience,”; she reveals. Recalling a memory from shooting the show, Lisa continues, “The girls came into my trailer and said “Lisa, we need you to put down the book during rehearsals’ because even then I kind of go off and put my nose in a book…”;

Interestingly enough, her introverted nature is the reason Lisa got into acting in the first place!  Asked whether or not acting is actually helpful to that type of personality, Lisa says, “As an actor, I’m not putting myself out there, I’m hiding behind Blair, a role.”;

And what are the TV personality’s thoughts on troubled child stars like Amanda Bynes?  “The pressure of life is too big to put on a small child or a young adult and then put out there in front of the world to make a judgement on,” she admits. “A child needs to have a greenhouse, you know, to have some sort of protection to grow not to be put out there for all the winds of life to just come and knock ’em around.”;

Watch Lisa and Jeff take each other on in a Survivor facts challenge below and be sure to follow Lisa on Survivor: Philippines on Global, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT!