Jeffrey Tambor revealed that he apologized to his fellow “Arrested Development” actors due to the “distraction” caused by his firing from “Transparent” over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Tambor and the rest of the “Arrested Development” cast were interviewed for SiriusXM’s “EW Radio”, reports Entertainment Weekly, when panel moderator Jessica Shaw broached the subject of how the “Transparent” situation has affected “Arrested Development” and the show’s cast.

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“I sent an email around and said an apology to these people I love so much for the distraction, and you’ll be asked questions, and things like that,” Tambor told Shaw.

Citing the “rather in-depth interview” he gave to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Tambor admitted he’ll miss the experience of portraying Maura Pfefferman, a role that brought him two Emmy Awards, a SAG Award and a Golden Globe.

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“I’m no longer playing Maura, I’m going to miss her very much, I’m going to miss that cast that I love so much, and I wish them all the best,” said Tambor. “But I’m here now as a fan of this wonderful, wonderful group. I’m a little nervous, but I am so excited about this — and such a fan of these people — it is our best season, and these actors just knock it out of the park.”

In that THR interview, Tambor admitted that “lines got blurred,” characterizing his behaviour with words such as “difficult,” “mean,” “rude” and “moody,” while denying all accusations of sexual misconduct.

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According to Tambor, his regrettable behaviour stemmed from his fears that he wasn’t doing justice to the portrayal of his transgender character.

“My whole thing was, ‘Am I doing it right? Am I doing it right? Am I doing it right?’ To the point that I worried myself to death,” he explained.

The full SiriusXM interview with Tambor and the rest of the “Arrested Development” cast is set to air on Thursday, while the first half of the show’s fifth season debuts on Tuesday, May 29.

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