While Johnny Knoxville inflicted a shocking amount of damage to his bruised and battered body during more than a decade of “Jackass”, he reveals the MTV extreme stunt show was a walk in the part compared to the injuries he suffered while filming his new comedy “Action Point”.

The new film, which is a loose mix of “Jackass” and Knoxville’s other hit “Bad Grampa”, is based on a real-life theme park that resulted in horrifying accidents, leaving park patrons with broken bones and missing teeth.

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The actor, 47, spoke to New York Magazine about the upcoming movie and the injuries that came with it. “I got hurt more on this film than any film I’ve ever done,” he said.

“I got four concussions, broke my wrist, busted my knee, got stitches, whiplash, uh, lost two and a half teeth,” he continued, listing his injuries. “Once I got home from the emergency room after one bad concussion… I had blood in my nose so I blew my nose and when I did, my left eye popped out of the socket. They say I didn’t break it, it disappeared on impact, so when I was blowing my nose I was blowing air around my eyeball pushing it out.”

In addition to Knoxville, “Action Point” also features his “Jackass” co-star Chris Pontius.

“Action Point” hits theatres June 1.

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