Dan Aykroyd is putting a new band together, and he’s going A-list all the way.

While in Toronto for National Caesar Day to promote his wildly successful Crystal Head Vodka, the former “Saturday Night Live” star shared who he’d like to see cast in the upcoming, all-female reboot of his hit movie “The Blues Brothers”.

“I like Lupita Nyong’o, and I like Taylor Swift,” the 65-year-old comedian revealed. “She’s got all the chops. She can sing, she can burn down guitar.”

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Aykroyd — who co-starred as Elwood Blues alongside John Belushi, who played brother Jake — outlined the premise of the new sequel. “In this movie, these ladies inherit the franchise from Elwood. You know, they get the Bluesmobile. They get to drive the Bluesmobile, they get to fight the Klan and the Nazis — it’s really neat.”

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The Canadian comedy legend created the original band with Belushi as part of a musical sketch on “SNL”, which spawned a #1 album (1978’s double-platinum “Briefcase Full of Blues”) and the hit movie. He continues to perform as Elwood Blues alongside Jim Belushi, younger brother of the late “Animal House” star.

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