Perhaps he was too busy thinking out loud, but George Stephanopoulos got distracted onstage and took a nasty tumble while costumed as singer Ed Sheeran during a special Halloween performance on Good Morning America that went embarrassingly awry.

Wearing a ginger wig and pretending to strum away on a guitar, the former adviser to Bill Clinton was preparing to lip sync a Sheeran number but instead wound up falling off the stage. Luckily, some “fans” managed to catch him before he hit the ground, and he suffered no injuries to anything other than his pride.

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“It’s dangerous being a pop star,” quipped guest Nick Lachey, costumed as a Ken doll, while GMA co-host Sara Raines simply broke out into laughter.

“Even with the fall,” weather guy Rob Marciano told Stephanopoulos, “it was fantastic.” Watch: