Women Of TV Talk Pay Equity And Onscreen Nudity In New Roundtable

Some of television’s most talented actresses are getting open and honest about the challenges they face and how the world is changing for the better in a new roundtable interview for The Hollywood Reporter.

Angela Bassett, Claire Foy, Thandie Newton, Elisabeth Moss, Sandra Oh, and Maggie Gyllenhaal all sat down for the discussion that kicked off with the gender pay gap.

Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter
Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter

Asked about the controversy over the gap in pay between herself and her co-star Matt Smith on “The Crown”, Foy said, “I [could have] kept my mouth shut and said, ‘I have nothing to say, I’m a robot.’ I was part of a really incredible show that I’m really proud of and grateful for, but that shouldn’t stop me from having an opinion about something that I have been brought into the centre of.”

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Gyllenhaal told a story about how being a producer on “The Deuce” has empowered her to bring greater reality to the show’s depiction of women.

“In our show there is lots of prostitution, lots of transactional sex, lots of fake orgasms,” she explained. “I said to David Simon, the man running our show, ‘I think you need to see a real feminine orgasm in order to show the contrast and to show that these are performative. It will illuminate the misogyny and the performance and all that stuff… This orgasm needs to be the realest orgasm ever.’  This needs to be one that takes 30 seconds, that’s very quiet, that’s just about her.”

Emily Berl for The Hollywood Reporter
Emily Berl for The Hollywood Reporter

The issue of onscreen nudity also came up, including the fact that more men are now being asked to perform nude and finally experience that unique discomfort.

“Men are also really worried about how their bodies look,” Newton said. “So much more worried than us. Like these guys on ‘Westworld’ are all, ‘How does my bum look? I’m really scared, can you do some shading here and there?’ And we’re like, ‘Really?'”

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Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter
Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter

Moss revealed that she actually demands final approval on all her nude scenes in “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

“I have 100 per cent approval over all the footage and I can literally say, ‘You cannot use that scene,'” she explained to the roundtable.

Gyllenhaal said that she gets the same treatment. “I’ve been doing a lot of nudity all my career and I’ve had [approval] for 15 years, and I’ve actually never taken anything out,” she said.

“I wish I’d known that,” Newton said, evidently hearing the idea for the first time. “That’s why we all need to talk.”



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