Canadian rapper Classified announced his brand new EP Tomorrow Could Be… Friday after unveiling his latest music video for “Changes” ft. Anjulie.

Classified, real name Luke Boyd, has been rolling out the album, which is set to be released June 29, one song at a time, with him sharing two videos for his most recent release.

One clip focuses on changing technology and the impact it’s had on society, with it even featuring a man dressed as a live discman roaming the streets.

A second vid sees Classified rapping in the studio with Anjulie, from Oakville, in front of numerous television sets.

As if that wasn’t enough new music news, Classified also confirmed his brand new single would be “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much” Friday, with the track honouring female empowerment.

The star said of the release: “With this song I wanted to do something more lighthearted… something fun that represents and pays homage to the girls who don’t have to try too hard to be seen, but simply get noticed for just being themselves.

“The track includes an artist I work with named Elijah Will on the hook and when I made this beat it made me wanna move, bob my head and even dance a little.”

The musician’s EP announcement comes after he released another track titled “Powerless” back in March, with him saying at the time that the lyrics drew from the experiences of multiple people who had reached out to him.

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Despite making definite links to the ongoing #MeToo campaign, Boyd said that the song had been on the go long before the movement came to the forefront of society.

“I’ve worked on the song for a year and a half. This isn’t something where I jumped on the bandwagon,” he insisted.

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